moveaward-move-automotive-car-design-contest-mobility-award-product-gamedesign-jury-win-auto-oem-internship-corien-pompe-sandra-bentrup-tilmann-schlootz-students-university-transportation-concept Design Students all over the world and from all Design Disciplines are invited to apply with their mobility concepts and Portfolios MOVEAWARD calls up two personalities into the Jury Board – Mrs. Sandra Hoener zu Bentrup and Mr. Tilmann Schlootz Automotive and Product Design, as well as new disciplines such as Game Design, UI/UX Design and Communication Design/Technology will be the mix of categories to apply for the Challenge MOVEAWARD from now on. German Designer Tilmann Schlootz, as well as Sandra Hoener zu Bentrup, have been called up as new members of the Jury Board for the international Design contest MOVEAWARD by founder and manager, Corien Pompe. These years’ challenge is to find interdisciplinary design solutions for highly urgent mobility tasks in urban spaces as well as rural biomes. Public transport versus individual traffic vs. virtual mobility. Pandemic problems need global answers: car-to-car-communication and e-mobility in a race against augmented reality and game design. Through its network and digital platform, Donna e Mobile (DeM) supports young students and graduates development by creating opportunities for their future. MOVEAWARD is a portal for latent talent to connect with the mobility and design industries in internships at companies in the industry. The MoveAward has been transformed into a more multidisciplinary interactive platform. Students and young graduates with different design perspectives are invited to upload a PITCH that reflects their future focus. Deadline for submission 4 times a year. next deadline 30 August 2021. MOVEAWARD Call for Entries

International Design Contest MOVEAWARD for Interdisciplinary Design Students calls up two personalities into the Jury Board – Mrs. Sandra Hoener zu Bentrup and Mr. Tilmann Schlootz

Design Students all over the world and from all Design Disciplines are invited to apply with their mobility concepts and Portfolios MOVEAWARD calls up two personalities into the Jury Board – Mrs. Sandra Hoener zu Bentrup and Mr. Tilmann Schlootz Automotive and Product Design, as well as new disciplines such as Game Design, UI/UX Design […]

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West Germany Prestige Awards 2020 Winner: Tilmann Schlootz Design Agentur Frankfurt

Tilmann Schlootz Design Frankfurt ausgezeichnet mit West Germany Prestige Awards 2020/21 Mit den Corporate Livewire West Germany Prestige Awards 2020/21 werden kleine und mittlere Unternehmen ausgezeichnet, die sich in den letzten 12 Monaten als die besten auf ihrem Markt erwiesen haben. Alle Unternehmen, die in die engere Wahl kommen, werden gebeten, ihre Nominierung mit Nachweisen […]

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New York Times Feature of spherewheel vehicle concept Audi Snook

Mono Spherewheel Vehicle      The New York Times published an article about the Michelin Challenge Design Contest, named “Designs For A Downsized Future”. New York Times brought an interview with Tilmann Schlootz Design Frankfurt about future mobility, car design and the concerning vehicle concept Audi Snook.   New York Times – full article